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Rio Ruby Inspired Cocktails

Get a taste of our new scent!

Introducing Rio Ruby Red

Learn where the inspiration for our newest scent, Rio Ruby Red came from

The Signs as Broken Top Scents

Every zodiac sign can use the power of aromatherapy and scent to stimulate qualities.

Hand Pump Tutorial

Learn how to easily install your pump for new lotions, soaps and sanitizers from Broken Top Brands.

How To Repurpose Your Broken Top Glass

Sad about finishing your candles? Before you throw away your glass and beautiful artwork, consider repurposing!

Candle With Care

Wick trimming, burn times, and easy repairs for wax. It's your turn to experience the best burn!

It Was Scent to Be

Not sure where to start? Pick a room, and we'll help you narrow down scents that could fit with your space!

Why Soy?

What's with the wax? here's the breakdown on our ingredients and why it matters!

The Broken Top Story

Read about the Founder and how Broken Top Brands came to be

Giveback Updates

Keep up with Broken Top's giveback to our 1% for the Planet non-profits!