The Perfect Pitch

The Perfect Pitch

Jake Peavy Joins Broken Top Brands as MVP

In the high-stakes game of business, it takes a blend of tenacity, determination, and a dash of flair to come out on top. No one embodies this winning spirit better than Affton Coffelt, the visionary founder behind Broken Top Brands. As BT sets our sights on expansion, what began as a humble line of soy wax candles has transformed into an all-encompassing stop for natural home and body products. 

In the world of business, success isn't just about having a nose for it; it's about having a nose that leads the way. Over the past eight years, BT has been riding a scent-sational wave toward household name status, and it's time to crank up the heat! To bolster our lineup, BT has made an unexpected but power-packed addition to the team: former Major League Baseball (MLB) star, Jake Peavy.

When Affton met retired pitcher Jake Peavy through a mutual friend, they instantly clicked and shared dreams of taking the business world by storm. Jake's transition from throwing fastballs to managing business calls added an unexpected twist to their connection. After several cross-country brainstorming sessions, it became clear that their ideas were destined to hit it out of the park. After all, when it comes to teamwork, Jake knows a thing or two!

The result? Affton has officially drafted Jake as a partner to help Broken Top step up to the plate. This game plan involves expanding retail reach, growing the customer base, and concocting exciting new products. And fear not, this evolution keeps the brand true to its roots – offering affordable luxury through eco-friendly fragrances that range from familiar classics to delightful surprises, catering to all walks of life.

"From the very first conversation with Affton, I was genuinely impressed. Her presentation and demeanor left a strong impression on me. When I had the opportunity to visit Bend and witness their brand-new facility, complete with a well-maintained storefront and efficient operations, it was everything one could hope for. As I delve deeper into their day-to-day operations and the inner workings of the brand, I am truly excited to contribute to its future."
- Jake Peavy

Now, you might wonder: what does a baseball pitcher know about home and body products? Well, it turns out Jake Peavy has more in his arsenal than just a wicked curveball. Beyond his athletic prowess, Jake is a serial entrepreneur, boasting ownership of restaurants, bars, and even the award-winning Dauphin Street Sound studio in Mobile, Alabama, with two Emmys and a shiny collection of gold and platinum records. These real-world experiences are what he's bringing to the table as he and Affton embark on this aromatic adventure. Together, they're not just opening doors; they're knocking them down!

"Our mutual love and respect for entrepreneurship might be the most substantial commonality. The strategic goals behind the partnership revolve around building off of one another's networks, expediting the brand's growth, and assisting in funding future endeavors of the organization."
- Affton Coffelt 

So, consider this your fragrant front-row seat to the most exciting partnership in town where two worlds collide, not just in the spirit of entrepreneurship but with a side of friendship, taking this sensational brand to heights that even the grandest slam couldn't match!

Discovering Favorites: Affton & Jake's Top Picks

Amidst the excitement of this game-changing partnership, it's worth exploring the personal favorites of Affton Coffelt and Jake Peavy from the array of Broken Top's products.

Affton's Picks

  • Coconut Sandalwood Body Lotion - Affton's daily indulgence! She swears by the Coconut Sandalwood Lotion for its luxurious hydration and the mesmerizing blend of lime, papaya blossom & cedar that transports her to a tropical paradise, even on the busiest days.

  • Coconut Sandalwood Reed Diffuser - Affton's favorite way to infuse her living space with a spa like fragrance. This Reed Diffuser adds a touch of elegance to any room.

  • Tobacco Teak Car Freshener - For those on-the-go moments, Affton relies on the Tobacco Teak Car Freshener to keep her vehicle smelling divine. The rich, woody notes of leather & allspice add an air of sophistication to her daily commute.

  • Tobacco Teak Man Spray - A surprising pick from the CEO! Although geared more towards men, Affton loves the bold & complex scent of the Tobacco Teak Man Spray for a quick pick-me-up whenever needed. 

  • Mount Bachelor Soy Candle - Affton's ultimate relaxation secret! This candle's calming gender neutral scent is her go-to for winding down after a long day.

  • Sea Salt Surf Roll-On Perfume - Affton's favorite fragrance for those beachy vibes. The Sea Salt Surf Roll-On Perfume captures the essence of salty sea air and ocean waves, making her feel like she's strolling along the shore, no matter where she is.

Jake's Picks

  • Black Coral Tide Solid Cologne - Jake's secret weapon for staying fresh on the go! The Black Coral Tide Solid Cologne is his travel companion for its convenient, solid form and the captivating blend of marine, amber & musk that keeps him smelling ruggedly sophisticated.

  • Black Coral Tide Body Wash - Part of Jake's daily routine for feeling fresh and clean all day long. This soap's masculine scent and natural ingredients make it a winner in his book.

  • Fresh Squeezed Liquid Soap - Jake's daily dose of zest! The Fresh Squeezed Liquid Soap is his top choice for a revitalizing cleanse. Its invigorating citrus scent of freshly squeezed blood orange adds a burst of energy to his routine.

  • Citrus Herbed Tonic Soy Candle - Jake's choice for creating an energizing atmosphere. The zesty citrus scent gives him just the boost he needs.

  • Sitka Woodland Soy Candle - For when Jake wants to create a cozy ambiance at home, the Sitka Woodland Soy Candle's earthy aroma of cedar & balsam evokes the tranquility of a forest retreat, making his space feel warm and inviting.

  • Tobacco Teak Car Freshener - Jake's choice for giving his car a touch of sophistication. The Tobacco Teak Car Freshener's blend of tobacco and leather transforms his vehicle into a mobile sanctuary, even during the most hectic of road trips.

As you can see, Affton and Jake have their own personal favorites from Broken Top, reflecting the diversity of the product range. It's not just a partnership in business; it's a shared passion for products that enhance wellness and bring a touch of luxury to everyday life.

So, with their favorite products in hand and a shared vision for success, Affton and Jake are ready to take Broken Top to new heights. Whether you're a fan of earthy woods, zesty citrus, or any fragrance in between, there's something for everyone in the ever-expanding world of Broken Top Brands.