Giveback Updates

Giveback Updates

This is your place to learn more about our giving updates and volunteer opportunities our team has participated in! 

Did you know: Only 3% of total philanthropic giveback goes back to the planet? Seems like it should be more doesn’t it?

Although we are small, our giveback can be mighty and we feel it’s our duty to do what we can both through direct donations and in-person volunteering. 

We have some big love for our first non-profit, Think Wild. Located a short 15-minute drive away from HQ in Bend, Oregon resides the local wildlife hospital and rehabilitation area.

They specialize in treating native birds and mammals that have been injured all over Oregon. The goal is to reduce the incidents and conflict between humans and wildlife through prevention education. The grounds include a hospital, a phone hotline, and lots of enclosures for birds and mammals in rehabilitation. The ultimate goal is to release these animals back into the wild near where they were found, safely.

We participate in regular volunteer opportunities to go and help with the grounds and sanctuaries that are hosting injured and recovering wildlife. In our most recent opportunity, we outfitted a mammal enclosure and donated supplies and tools to the facility (photo above). Our team has the opportunity to volunteer on-site, donate materials, and spread overall education about Oregon’s native mammals, birds, and raptors.

Next up, we have Deschutes Children's Foundation. A local organization that gives back to local children and families in need. They have several campuses around town that help house/provide for those who need it.

These locations allow children to have a save haven and a place to learn, grow, heal, and thrive moving towards their future. Deschutes Children's Foundation helps support over 17,000 children every year. This year, we donated $2500 back to DCF Central Oregon at Christmastime, to support those in need. Learn more about Deschutes Children's Foundation here 

Now, it's time for the Humane Society of Central Oregon! We LOVE the humane society - for obvious reasons - but we love them even more because they do local events and children's education outreach.

This year, we are sponsoring their annual gala event where all proceeds go directly back to the Humane Society of Central Oregon. A total of $1600 was donated to the event and the Humane Society! It's all about the love of the animals.

Last, but certainly not least, is One Tree Planted. Our favorite part about One Tree Planted is that we get to choose where we plant our trees! And $1 = 1 Tree, so it’s awesome to watch the progress we can make, one tree at a time!

Giving Tuesday, 2021 we were able to match our contributions and donate $1500 to One Tree Planted. That means there will be 1500 new trees in Oregon just from one day of giveback, and that's pretty cool!

Perhaps the biggest reason we love One Tree Planted is that they use the resources to target wildfire relief and reforestation. They have also started taking preventative measures to help protect local land from fire devastation over the past couple of years. One Tree Planted also specializes in waterway restoration and conserving our existing forests. Oregon waterways are facing all-time low levels of water, affecting our wildlife, fishing, and agriculture.

Central Oregon has suffered from wildfire devastation the last decade more than ever before, and we believe donating directly back to efforts of preserving the land we love is the quickest way to provide relief. This way we can support an organization in protecting the precious land from development and human abuse around Oregon and see the difference. 

Did you know? A new analysis says forests are shrinking on state and private land in Oregon, where an estimated 522,000 acres of forest cover have disappeared since 2000. That's an area six times larger than the city of Portland, equal to more than half of Oregon's designated state forests.

Although there’s so much we want to do to help the environment and support a larger cause, starting locally and working out towards national education is a goal Broken Top Brands is open to maintaining.

What Broken Top is Working On:

While donating is the quickest way to do our part for the planet - we are also working on our sustainability efforts out of HQ. Shipping glass containers is no simple feat and takes a lot of protection for our signature amber glass to make a safe trip from our warehouse into homes.

This last year, we made an eco-conscious shift in our packaging, to bring in compostable padding for our shipments. We take pride in our products being sustainable and all organic and thought the packaging should reflect the same. Our packing peanuts are water-soluble, soy-based, and compostable and can be rinsed down the drain, so they are very user-friendly and good practice for businesses.

Our product labels are almost all recyclable and glass is reusable. Read all about how to reuse your glass here. We ship out orders every day, and every sustainable measure we can take to keep our carbon footprint low is a huge win in our book!