Is it Scent to Be?

Is it Scent to Be?

Try Us On For Scent!

Not sure where to start with scents? There’s so many combinations that sound amazing but how do you know if they'll fit into your home? Let us help you by offering some suggestions based on your space! Before you get too overwhelmed, just start with a room, and we’ll take it from there.

Give Your Coffee Table a Makeover

When dressing up your living room with a new scent, pick something that fits into the room you spend the most time in! We're all about finding you something that compliments your space but doesn’t overpower. When deciding on your room, seasonal scent matters!

Summer settings call for more light, woody, and citrus scents. One that’s sure to impress is our Fresh Squeezed scent, which omits a nice blend of cedar and citrus. Orange yumminess not your thing? Our Sea Salt Surf candle features more of a jasmine and wood mix bringing beach notes all the way to your couch!

Winter months ask for warmer, dense and homey aromas that are a treat to you and your guests. Oak Moss Fig is our go-to during those chilly months, with fruity fig notes here and there layered by mossy-wood goodness!

The Quickest Way to Impress Your Sink

Let’s be real, the kitchen and dining room are the trickiest areas to match scent, but the most common to accent with candles! We’re here to make your food the main entertainment with these candles to compliment. Get a new bff for your sink, dining table, or kitchen island with a few clean, woodsy scents. Our local favorite, Mount Bachelor is reminiscent of the cascade atmosphere with a smooth cardamom and amber based scent with a hint of plum. The kitchen mate you didn't know you needed!

One of our purest scents, White Birch, brings fresh outdoorsy scents to your space, perfect for cleaning up your dining room and kitchen even when things are turning into mayhem. It’s all good with relaxing eucalyptus vibes! A little mix of Cypress and Pine to top it all off, and you're in for a treat, whether it gets you through a sink full of dishes or another homemade meal. 

Bring Peace and Tranquility to Your Bedroom

Your escape room is the place where you can finally wind down and light a flame with a special candle just for you! Invite some of our favorite calming scents onto your windowsill, dresser or desk that are sure to help you decompress from the day. Saguaro Cactus is a staff favorite around here, with it’s fresh greenhouse aroma mixed with calming aloe and agave, a perfect combo to spice up your space. 

Cardamom Vanilla is one of our most widely loved seasonal scents, and how could it not be? This scent includes sweet tonka notes that are reminiscent of almond, cinnamon and cloves, it’s sure to be a calming addition to your space, while sweetening it up as well. 

So Fresh and So Clean 

You know those fancy people that have candles in their bathrooms that smell so good? Well now, that can be you! We’ve got some scents that will help cleanse the most crucial spot in your home, making it so fresh and so clean! Lavender Mint is an all-time, classic fragrance with a spin on traditional lavender scent. Hints of garden mint help tame the bold lavender scent. A perfect balance of floral and fresh (seriously, we put this one everywhere).

Last but certainly not least, Citrus Herbed Tonic has your back with equal citrus and woodsy scents to cap off the evening. An added luxury to washing your face or brushing your teeth after a long day. The people can’t get enough of this one, with it’s warm citrus invite to the light oakmoss notes, it’s truly a crowd pleaser. 

When beginning your scent journey, it’s important to remember that candles aren’t for everyone, which is why we’ve got a variety of scent methods to choose from. This way you can see which method elevates your space with the perfect amount of scent. From linen sprays, to reed diffusers, to soy candles there’s the right amount of scent for everyone!