Candles vs. Houseplants: A Hilarious Fiery Face-Off!

Candles vs. Houseplants: A Hilarious Fiery Face-Off!

Plant enthusiasts and fire aficionados, gather 'round! Today, we're diving headfirst into the ultimate showdown: Candles vs. Houseplants! Buckle up, because this blog is going to be lit – quite literally!

Houseplants Are Drama Queens

Ever tried negotiating with a houseplant? You water them too much, they sulk; too little, they throw a photosynthesis tantrum. Candles? They're chill. They'll just sit there, minding their own waxy business until you decide to ignite their fiery passion. No mood swings here!

Houseplants Don't Make Scents

While houseplants offer the refreshing aroma of, well, nothing, candles bring a fragrant symphony to your home. From Sea Salt feels to Pumpkin Spice extravaganzas, candles have an olfactory obsession that puts even the snobbiest wine taster to shame. Plus, when's the last time your ficus emitted a bold citrus aroma?

The Ignition Show

Picture this: You invite friends over, and when it's time to set the mood, you pull out a...houseplant? Exactly! Candles, on the other hand, come with built-in pizzazz. Strike a match, and BOOM! Instant romance or party vibes, depending on your mood. Try doing that with a fern.

Plant Selfies vs. Candle Glow

Houseplants may be photogenic, but candles make you look like a professional photographer with every click. That warm, flattering glow not only elevates your selfies but also serves as a built-in filter for your room. Sorry, snake plant, but you're just not Instagram-ready.

Flicker Festivities

You've never heard anyone say, "Let's have a flicker-filled night with my rubber plant!" Candles, on the other hand, create an enchanting ambiance that's perfect for cozy Netflix binges or late-night storytelling. Plus, who doesn't enjoy a little shadow puppetry with candlelight?

Houseplant vs. Power Outage

When the power goes out, you can either huddle in the dark with your beloved ficus or light up the night with a trusty candle. Spoiler alert: candles win every time. They're the real heroes during blackouts, casting a warm, hopeful glow in the darkest of hours.

Candles: Portable & Zero Commitment

Houseplants require pots, soil, and constant care. Candles? Grab 'em, place 'em, and forget about 'em (but don't forget to blow them out!). Plus, if you get bored with a candle, you can easily switch it out for a new, exciting scent. No guilt trips from your old candles, we promise.


In the battle of Candles vs. Houseplants, it's clear that candles are the real winners. They bring the heat, the light, and the intoxicating aroma, all without the diva attitude of needy houseplants. So, next time you're debating between the two, remember this blog, grab a candle, and let the flame of enlightenment guide you to a world of cozy, fragrant, and utterly hilarious home decor! 

Your houseplants will just have to learn to deal with their flameless existence.