The Signs as Broken Top Scents

The Signs as Broken Top Scents

The right candle scent can stir creativity, instill calm and serenity, or help you feel energized. Every zodiac sign can use the power of aromatherapy and scent to stimulate qualities.

Aries - Juniper Smoke

To match their fiery, intense approach to nearly every aspect of their life, Aries requires a spicy scent, like Juniper Smoke. All spiced-based scents are recommended for Aries, especially those featuring cinnamon, ginger, or pepper to simulate their psyche. Aries loves to add fuel to the fire, which is why Juniper Smoke is perfect with its woodsy approach including notes of pine, cedar and juniper.


  • No filter
  • Get's angry, then forgets why they were angry
  • Thinks everything is a game they can win
  • Will do anything on a dare
  • Easily Bored

      Taurus - Honey Horchata 

      This unconventional, cozy scent captures the warm, luxurious essence of Taurus, with sweet honey blended with smooth vanilla and a dash of cinnamon spice.


      • Just wants to cuddle
      • Homebody
      • All or nothing, no in-between
      • Wears the same outfit everyday
      • Hates big changes

      Gemini - Lavender Mint

      Gemini's require a multifaceted scent to keep them busy in their easily-bored nature. They should steer clear of bitter or strong perfumes, as it interferes with their quick wit. Lavender Mint is a perfect combo to both intrigue and match their need to be mentally stimulated. 


      • Charismatic 
      • Uses humor as a crutch
      • Could talk to a brick wall
      • Arguments as flirting
      • Knows a little about everything

      Cancer - Cardamom Vanilla

      Cancers are at home being at home. There's nothing like the scent of fresh baked goods and a clean space for Cancer. They are also highly intuitive and have a psychic ability to pick up energy off a person of a room. Their genuine compassion makes for a warm, welcoming scent, Cardamom Vanilla. 


      • Very sensitive 
      • Seeks comfort 
      • Forgives but never forgets
      • Only has one boundary, but it is very firm
      • Takes on other people's problems

      Leo - Fresh Squeezed

      Leo's are touchy-feely. They're also natural-born leaders, testing boundaries and never shy from the spotlight. Citrus, robust flavors are their go-to in terms of lighting up their home. Leo needs a fresh scent that comes as a surprise, like Fresh Squeeze. 


      • Exudes warmth and creativity 
      • A little bit vain
      • Really big personality
      • Want's to stand out
      • Interested in luxury

      Virgo - Oakmoss Fig

      Virgos thrive in nature. A Virgo's vision for home is a comfortable place to rest and recharge. Scent's that instantly calm and create peace are a must for Virgo's. They require a scents that's earthy and not too fruity.


      • Needs to feel useful
      • Has a quick fix for everything
      • Judgmental, but with good intentions
      • Exceptional spatial awareness
      • A million ideas per second

      Libra - Saguaro Cactus

      Libras value self care and calming scents. A relaxing room and spa-like experience help Libra thrive in times of stress. Libra's seek balance which calls for a dynamic-duo scent that's not too overpowering. Saguaro Cactus brings a balance of spicy, fresh scents. 


      • Hates being alone
      • Really good aesthetics
      • Conflict avoidant
      • Sees every side 
      • Prone to fantasy
      • Can't make decisions

      Scorpio - Citrus Herbed Tonic

      Scorpios are deep thinkers and require a rich, sultry scent. They are completely content with a good book or just their thoughts. They crave a dense citrus scent without shying away from floral notes. Citrus Herbed Tonic is the perfect combination for a sweet and spicy scorpio.


      • Primary emotion is betrayal
      • Looks cool in a leather jacket
      • OK with uncomfortable silence 
      • Can't be sure if they're serious or joking
      • Eyes that look into your soul

      Sagittarius - Coconut Sandalwood

      Sagittarius is the traveler of the zodiac, they are easily adaptable and get along with almost anyone. While calming, cardamom notes are recommended for a Sag, there's a certain amount of spices and fruit that helps thrive. Coconut Sandalwood is recommended for a scent that helps them fantasize and mentally return to a place they've visited. 


      • No indoor voice
      • Forms opinions off of pure emotion
      • Obsessed with self-improvement
      • Wields their truth like a blunt weapon
      • Friendliest person at the party

      Capricorn - Coffee Arabica

      Capricorn enjoys walks in the woods and calm dewey mornings. Because Capricorns are born around the Christmas season, they thrive around seasonal and savory scents. Capricorns need an uplifting, tension-taming scent, which is why we recommend Coffee Arabica, to lift scents of coffee grounds mixed with woodsy cream.


      • Full grown adult since age six
      • The responsible friend
      • Motivated by duty
      • Takes a while to warm up to people
      • Represses any emotion that gets in the way of success

      Aquarius - Mount Bachelor

      Aquarius is a social sign and are always looking at situations through their third eye. They are prone to being sentimental towards other humans and places they've been. Scents that stir happy memories of being with loved ones will work for this sign.


      • Purposefully esoteric
      • Doesn't do feelings, just concepts
      • Actually believes in conspiracy theories
      • More in love with humanity as a whole than individuals
      • Always feels like an outcast
      • Fetishizes personal freedom

      Pisces - Sea Salt Surf

      Pisces may have a hard time sleeping and relaxing in general. Pisces require a calming scent that help relax the mind, body and soul. They crave a serene bedtime atmosphere and Sea Salt Surf is the perfect scent to compliment. Escape is natural for Pisces, and this jasmine, woodsy scent will transport them to a calming beachy atmosphere.


      • Somehow both 5 and 50 years old at once
      • Thinks everything is a sign
      • Can't remember if they dreamt it or it actually happened
      • Excessively romantic
      • Prone to fantasy
      • No boundaries