The Broken Top Story

The Broken Top Story

The flame for Broken Top Brands began with a tiny kitchen and the busiest body you’ve ever met! Founded in 2015 as a candle company, Broken Top has grown to become a leading soy candle manufacturer, nestled in the Cascade Mountain range in Bend, Oregon.

But before Broken Top Brands was even a glimmer in founder Affton Coffelt’s eyes, becoming a stay at home mom was an easy decision. Affton was born to multitask, and being at home allowed her the freedom to experiment creatively. She also loved candles but didn’t always have the budget to go out and buy luxury products.

After noticing a lot of her favorite big-named brand candles contained harmful chemicals and parafin wax, she figured she would try her hand at pouring her own. Only using plant-based ingredients and soy wax. Safer for her home and family.

Soon, her business had started to grow by word of mouth to family, friends, and friends of friends around Central Oregon. Affton realized her stovetop could no longer contain her new business, so she reached out to her dad for help as a production guru, and began pouring candles in his garage.

After struggling to make tracks online, Affton was ready to get serious in 2016, and start selling locally. She reached out to Newport Market, here in Bend, and pitched her products with only a box of sample scents. To her surprise, she walked out of there with her first order! This is the true moment where she felt Broken Top Brands came to be. Affton felt at home pitching her product and answering questions about her product on the fly. This unknown knack for wholesale pitches helped spark the growth for Affton and Broken Top.

Would you believe us if we told you she pitched the company while she was 6 months pregnant and already a mom to two? It’s true - Affton is not only a rockin' entrepreneur but a single mother to three kiddos.

“Five years ago I started Broken Top Brands in my kitchen, two kids deep and one on the way. I had very minimal knowledge on business and absolutely zero experience with manufacturing or selling a product.” -Affton Coffelt

Affton and her dad quickly outgrew that garage space and now reside in a 18,000 sq foot manufacturing facility here in Bend, Oregon. A tight-knit crew of 23 staff members now makes up the growing company, creating great-smelling products and having a blast while doing it!

So, where do Affton and the Broken Top tribe go from here? After she noticed a gap in the market for sustainable, organic lifestyle and home products for men, Broken Top Brands developed five new scents and a new body washsolid cologne, and man spray along with our signature soy candles, dubbed ‘Geotanical’.

The ‘Geotanical’ collection just became available October 12, 2021 and in an array of products and scents made for men. The collection features our signature soy candles and three brand new body products. Tailored not just for men that enjoy the finer things in life, but outdoorsman, businessman, or the family man, ‘Geotanical’ offers a product and scent for every man to enjoy daily.

Although Broken Top Brand’s is still growing and learning as a business, the traction is undeniable in the market for sustainable and quality lifestyle products that are loved by men and women alike. Thanks for following our journey and supporting small businesses!