How to Repurpose Your Broken Top Glass

How to Repurpose Your Broken Top Glass

Sad about finishing your candle? Before you throw away your glass and beautiful artwork, consider repurposing! There are endless ways to reuse your Broken Top Glass, but we’ll give you a couple ideas to start out. Once your wax reaches ½-¼ inch left, it’s time to repurpose! First things first, getting the remaining wax out of the jar. 

Freezer method: Place your candle in the freezer until any remaining wax hardens. Use a butter knife to pop the wax right out and remove the wick holder. After this, hand wash, rinse, and dry. 

Oven method: Remove all labels and pop your candle into the oven at its lowest setting until any remaining wax melts. Remove the jar, pour out remaining wax, and wipe clean with a towel. Bonus: this method makes your home smell amazing.

Ways to Reuse your Broken Top Glass: 

1. Plant Seeds or Propagate Greens! 

One of our favorite things to do is make new life out of virtually any container we can get our hands on. Planting different herbs is an easy way to get some fresh greens on your pasta or salad! Keep one on or near your kitchen table so it’s always in reach. All you need is dirt and water. Propagate any plant or seed in some water in a linen spray as well! Our lotions and linen spray bottles make the cutest vases!

PRO TIP: If you’re reusing your amber glass candle jar as a planter, add some small rocks for drainage to the bottom before adding soil.

2. Spice/Dressing Storage

Organize your spices with our 4oz candle jars. None of your spice containers match? Clean up your kitchen and keep cooking classy by reusing our small jars as spice containers. 

Our jars also make super great containers for on the go snacking or sides! Pack your favorite nuts, granola, salad dressing, or dip in one of our jars to keep your snack sealed and safe.

 3. Organize your Bathroom

Everyone knows how easily the bathroom counter can become a cluttered mess, try using a couple jars to organize your toothbrushes, Q-Tips, cotton balls, razors, whatever! Plus, it's a super cute decorative piece for your sink to match your soaps and lotions.

4. Decorative Bookend

Class up your savings with a new coin collector, seashell safe, or rock collection (is that just something us Oregonians do?!) Nonetheless, there’s something exciting awaiting your glass and a new pretty piece for your windowsill or bookshelf.

5. Office Supply Organizer

Organize your cluttered drawers at work or home with some jars to help keep your life a little more clean! Pins, tacks, paperclips, safety pins, pens and pencils, can now be kept super cute and organized with your Broken Top glass

 6. Tea or Coffee Container

Got tea galore but sick of the boxes taking up cabinet space? Throw your loose tea bags or tea leaves into a jar to store and save for another time. It’s also perfect for coffee grounds and making your morning a little more organized! 

7. Reuse your Spray Bottle for More Product or as Plant Spray!

Freshen up those leaves on your Monstera or Snake plant with your old linen spray jar! Remove pump and spray about 10 times to make sure fragrance is completely out of the pump, rinse, then fill with water and spray away! If your plant has thinner leaves (think ferns, succulents, palms, etc) there’s a good chance it likes a little extra humidity! Linen spray bottles make the perfect mister for all overbearing plant mom and dads out there. This little jar is so cute, and should never go to waste.

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