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The idea for Rio Ruby Red came about like many things over here at Broken Top, with the boss lady’s ‘I have an idea’ proclamation. It’s one of founder, Affton Coffelt’s favorite things to say, but as an employee, it prompts nervous laughter.

As she attended one of Broken Top’s many trade shows in Texas (just girl boss things), Affton noted her southern surroundings while dreaming up new scents On the last day of the trip, Affton treated herself to a much-needed mimosa brunch before heading back to reality. A grapefruit mimosa that is! She took in the local atmosphere and finally decompressed after a hectic week. She noticed the people around her and thought about their lives in Texas, full of sunny days, fruit groves, and delicious food and drink. Some things that she’s been desperately missing from her life in cold, wintery Bend. 

Here’s where the lightbulb went off and the ‘I have an idea’ conundrum arose. She knew this scent was missing from our collection. Something bright and bubbly, sharp but fruity, something that takes you to a happy moment in time. Affton knew she wanted, no NEEDED, to bring this creation to life. She brought it to the team and product research & development began.

The team dove into research, with questions such as, ‘what the heck is a Rio Ruby?’ Here’s what our google search says: it’s a grapefruit! Rio Ruby’s are sweeter, and more brightly colored than your typical grapefruit. Don’t turn your nose up yet because we know there’s nothing worse in this world than a tart grapefruit, but Rio Ruby’s are different. They carry all the citrus and less of the acidity making for a sweeter punch. This light scent is drink-inspired and refreshing in it’s own way.

When we think of Rio Ruby, we can’t help but picture sunny skies, a picnic in the park, and champagne bubbles (of course). This full-bodied scent flaunts rich ginger and citrus notes creating a blend that is not sharp, the way grapefruit can be. It’s reminiscent of boat days, and citrus groves - it evokes these emotions and memories of summer.

The Rio Ruby hails from (you guessed it) Texas, as a popular breakfast fruit, but is used in a variety of drinks and desserts as well. It’s in season in January, February, March, and April - so yes, this candle is currently in season. Not only that, but the Rio Ruby makes up 120% of your daily Vitamin C intake. Now you can get your daily fruit serving from a candle (just kidding, please be sure to consume your Vitamin C in non-candle form)!

Did you know that scents unlock a portal in your brain that leads to memories? It’s true, and the lighter and fruitier the scent is, the more reminiscent it will be of bright days, good food, and refreshing drinks. With a scent that smells so good, it’s impossible to get sweet, sunny memories out of our heads. Try it for yourself, coming early March 2022!